Our business expertise stemmed from an observation that has become evident in the international economic and financial sphere, that of the importance of certification and rating mechanisms, as well as their respective impacts. Certification bodies and rating agencies have become major players in the modern economic and financial system due to their growing role and scope of work .

IWK corporate intervenes in the back office and is positioned as a technical support for certification and rating players, accompanying them in their high value-added expertise, especially in engineering, economic and financial areas.

Thanks to its network, IWK corporate has forged international partnerships of great importance. The facility now collaborates with multinationals, institutions, NGOs and states. In its exchanges, IWK corporate generally operates in specific segments, in support of specific operations, requiring a particular competence. Recognized by professionals, thanks to the means deployed in the execution of the missions entrusted, notably by the quality and know-how of its resources, made available to its partners and to the service of excellence in particular studies.

IWK corporate is a simplified public limited company under French law, operating on an international level. IWK corporate headquarters are located in Paris, France.

Moreover, IWK Corporate is actively involved in research and development programs focused on corporate finance and market finance; Respectively, through the implementation of a fintech (technological finance) decision-making tool and by the analysis of the world stock exchanges and their stock market indices.


Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis, commonly known as financial analysis, consists in a thorough examination of a company's accounts. It is the evaluation of the financial situation of a company at a defined moment, an analysis based on accounting documents and a set of economic and financial data linked to the company and its sector of activity.

This study, which is based on the analysis of the company's accounts and its economic environment, is used to determine the real value of a company, its intrinsic value, by valuing a company’s assets and liabilities. By making the numbers speak, the financial analysis of a company can be used at different levels. It helps economic players and financial operators find information that can be used to understand the solidity or performance of a company, its profitability, its solvency, its durability, or its development prospects. The purpose of this work is to provide, based on accounting information, a synthetic vision which highlights the reality of the economic and financial situation, and which should help decision-making.

Quantitative analysis

In finance, quantitative analysis is the use of financial mathematics, often derived from probabilities, to develop and use models allowing fund managers and other financial specialists to better understand the issues inherent to the activity.

Quantitative analysis allows managers to scientifically manage their investments and regularly adjust their portfolio assets, taking into account the expected risk and profitability. The development of valuation models for financial assets is made possible through quantitative analysis, which gives the opportunity to target the strongest sectors, depending on the economic context and the strongest companies, according to their financial ratios.

Actuarial analysis

Actuarial science is the principle of using mathematical techniques, mainly derived from theories of probabilities and statistics, to manage financial uncertainty and to predictively model a number of future events. Actuarial science specializes in the analysis and control of risk and the effects of chance.

Actuarial science is based on economic and financial bases, and is based on structural, conjunctural, legal, environmental and demographic considerations, in order to provide solutions specific to particular and ever-changing frameworks.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is the study of the evolution of financial markets and stock listings, mainly based on graphs, in order to predict future trends. To this end, followers of this technique use a large number of graphical and mathematical indicators, established through the visualization and study of past share prices.

The extrapolation of graphical representations applies to all types of financial markets, since the price of underlying assets is determined by the comparison of supply and demand. The stated goal of technical analysis is the deduction of trends and trend signs, in order to identify market conditions, which statistically give a predictable result.


Rating division

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Certification division


  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing Activity
  • Mining and quarrying Activity
  • Manufacturing of foods products Activity
  • Manufacture of tobacco products Activity
  • Manufacture of textile Activity
  • Pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical Activity
  • Manufacture of basic metals Activity
  • Mechanical Activity
  • Manufacture of electric and electronical equipment Activity
  • Chemical transformation activity Activity
  • Manufacture of cosmetics and beauty products Activity
  • Manufacture of wood Activity
  • Manufacture of paper and paper products Activity
  • Manufacture of hygienic articles based on paper and related products Activity
  • Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products Activity
  • Manufacture of furniture Activity
  • Manufacture of toys, sporting and cultural supplies and related accessories Activity
  • Energy activities Activity
  • Water collection, treatment and supply Activity
  • Waste collection and management activities
  • Manufacture of building materials and related products Activity
  • Manufacture of jewelry, watches and related products Activity
  • Production of information and related content Activity
  • Defense, security and armaments Activity
  • Construction Activity
  • Information and communication technology Activity
  • Retail Activity
  • Accommodation and catering Activity
  • Specialized distribution activities
  • Transport of passengers and related services Activity
  • Industrial transport and related services Activity
  • Entertainment activities
  • Media and information activities
  • Telecommunication activities
  • Civil engineering and infrastructure activities
  • Banking services Activity
  • Insurance services Activity
  • Leasing services Activity
  • Factoring services Activity
  • Real estate activities
  • Support and administrative services Activity
  • Non-Financial technical services activities
  • Education Activity
  • Human health and social work activities


Continent Country Indices
Africa South Africa FTSE/JSE Africa Top 40
Africa Botswana Botswana Gaborone Index
Africa Egypt EGX 30, Indice Hermès
Africa Ghana GSE Composite Index
Africa Kenya NSE All Share, NSE 20
Africa Morocco MASI, MADEX, CFG 25
Africa Mauritius SEMDEX
Africa Namibia FTSE Namibia Overall
Africa Nigeria Nigeria Stock Exchange All Share
Africa Tanzanie Tanzania All Share
Africa Tunisia Tunindex
Africa Zimbabwe Indice Zimbabwe Industrial
America Argentina Merval, Burcap, Indice Bolsa General
America Bermuda Bermuda Stock Exchange Index
America Brazil indice Bovespa, IBrX, Latibex Brésil
America Canada S&P/TSX, S&P/TSX 60, S&P/TSX moyenne capitalisation, S&P/TSX petite capitalisation
America Chili IPSA, IGPA
America Colombia COLCAP, IGBC, COL20
America Costa Rica BCT
America United Sates Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones Transportation Average, Dow Jones Utility Average, Dow Jones Composite Average, S&P 100, S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400, S&P SmallCap 600, S&P Composite 1500, NYSE Composite, Nasdaq, Nasdaq-100, Russell 1000, Russell 2000, Russell 3000, Philadelphia Gold and Silver
America Jamaica Jamaica Stock Exchange Market Index
America Mexico IPC, INMEX, IMC30
America Panama Bolsa de Panama General
America Peru IGBVL, ISBVL
America Trinity-and-Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Composite
America Venezuela IBVC
Asia Saudi Arabia Tadawul
Asia Bahrain BB All Share Index, BB Esterad Index
Asia Bangladesh indice Bovespa, IBrX, Latibex Brésil
Asia China SSE Composite, CSI 300, China Traded Index ou CNX
Asia Chili KRX 100, Kospi, Kospi 200, Kospi 100, Kospi 50, KOSDAQ, KOSDAQ Star
Asia South Korea KRX 100, Kospi, Kospi 200, Kospi 100, Kospi 50, KOSDAQ, KOSDAQ Star
Asia United Arab Emirates DFM General Index, ADX General Index, FTSE NASDAQ Dub UAE 20
Asia Hong Kong Hang Seng
Asia India Nifty, BSE Sensex, Nifty Jr.
Asia Indonesia IHSG, LQ-45, JII, MBX, DBX
Asia Iran Tepix
Asia Israel TA-25, TA-100
Asia Japon Nikkei 225, Nikkei 300, Nikkei 500, Topix, Topix Core 30, Topix Large 70, Topix 500, Topix Small, Topix Mid 400, Topix 100, JASDAQ
Asia Kazakhstan TA-25, TA-100
Asia Jordanie ASE Weighted Index, ASE General Index
Asia Kuwait Kuwait SE Weighted Index, Kuwait WE Price Index
Asia Laos Laos Composite
Asia Lebanon BLOM
Asia Malaysia KLCI, EMAS
Asia Mongolia MSE Top 20
Asia Oman MSM-30
Asia Pakistan KSE 100, KSE All Share, KSE-30
Asia Palestine Indice Al Quds
Asia Philippines PSEi
Asia Qatar DSM-20, QE Index
Asia Singapore Straits Times Index
Asia Sri Lanka MSM-30
Asia Taiwan Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index
Asia Thailand SET Index, SET50 Index, MAI Index
Asia Turkey ISE-100, ISE-30, Dow Jones Turquie Titans 20
Asia Vietnam HNX
Asia Australia S&P/ASX 50, S&P/ASX 200
Asia New-Zealand NZSX50, NZX Top 10, NZX 15 Gross, NZX All
Europe Germany DAX, HDAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX, ÖkoDAX
Europe Austria ATX, VSE
Europe Belgium BEL20, VLAM-21
Europe Bosnia-Herzegovina BIRS, FIRS, ERS10
Europe Bulgaria SOFIX
Europe Cyprus CySE General
Europe Croatia CROBEX
Europe Danemark OMXC20, OMXC
Europe Spain Madrid SE, Ibex 35, Latibex All Share, Latibex Top, Latibex Brésil, Dow Jones Espagne Titans 30
Europe Estonia OMX Tallinn
Europe Finland OMX Helsinki, OMX Helsinki 25, HEXP
Europe Greece Athex 20, FTSE/ASE 20, FTSE/ASE Mid Cap, FTSE/ASE Small Cap
Europe Hungary BUX, BUMIX, RAX
Europe Ireland ISEQ Index
Europe Iceland ICEX-15, OMX Islande
Europe Italy S&P/MIB, Dow Jones Italie Titans 30s
Europe Latvia OMX Riga
Europe Lithuania NASDAQ OMX Vilnius
Europe Luxembourg LuxX
Europe Macedonia MBI 10, MBID
Europe Malta Indice de la Bourse de Malte
Europe Moldavia EVM Composite index
Europe Montenegro MOSTE
Europe Norway OBX, OSE All Share
Europe The Netherlands AEX, Amsterdam Midkap
Europe Poland WIG 20, sWIG80, mWIG40
Europe Portugal PSI 20, PSI Geral
Europe Czech Republic PX
Europe Romania BET-10
Europe United-Kingdom FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE All Share
Europe Russia MICEX, MICEX 10, RTS Index, CSFB ROS Index, RTX
Europe Serbia BELEX15, BELEXline
Europe Slovakia SAX
Europe Slovenia SBI 20, SBI TOP
Europe Sweden OMXS30, OMXSPI, Dow Jones Suède Titans 30
Europe Switzerland Swiss Market Index, Swiss Performance Index, Dow Jones Suisse Titans 30, SMIM
Europe Ukraine PFTS